OIT By The Numbers


High Performance Computing Cluster supported:

  • 548 faculty and students
  • 216 research projects
  • 15 courses
  • 4.1 million jobs that used more than 40 million processor hours of computation

Virtual Computing Lab supported:

  • 8,407 unique users
  • 113,497 reservations
  • 1.57 million reservation hours
  • 500 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol actions processed.

Student Success

  • 100,351 optical mark exams scanned.
  • 350 student-produced PackTV/Wolfbytes Radio broadcasts and programs
  • 1.34 million pages were printed in the WolfPrint account printing service.
  • 8,659 new copies of the OnCampus mobile app downloaded.
  • 4,030 WordPress blog sites
  • 59,613 applications for admission were processed, resulting in 41,489 enrollments.
  • 9,626 degrees and certificates were awarded.
  • More than $610 million in student billing was processed.
  • More than $289 million in financial aid was disbursed to 21,010 students.
  • 2,250 students progress towards teaching licensure.


  • 60% of the 745 IT-related positions on campus are external to OIT.
  • 94 million files shared for collaboration on Google Drive in the last year; about 75 million of these were shared privately among individual account holders inside or outside our domain.
  • $11.5 million of the software licensing on campus is managed by OIT’s Software Licensing Management team; $1.3 million of which is managed partnerships with colleges and departments.
  • ~3,404 software licensing support tickets resolved with an average resolution time of 3.78 hours.
  • 282 spaces were supported by ClassTech, including 165 of the 110 general purpose classrooms.
  • 24,000 Windows systems, 2,200 Mac systems and 1,400 Linux systems are in the jointly-managed WolfTech Active Directory.
  • 78 units at 11 UNC schools used the federated Jamf Pro Apple device management suite that is co-managed by NC State OIT staff.
  • 5,933 macOS and 2,514 iOS devices were configured using Jamf Pro.
  • 140,032 Google Hangouts and Meet video conferences were held in 2019-20, an average of 384 per day. 
  • 110 departments, centers or other unit sites are using the hosted WordPress environment.
  • 4 UNC sister campuses rely on OIT support for voice and call center services.
  • 65 clients supported for video production services.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • 99.999% network backbone uptime
  • 254 new clickwrap agreements reviewed.
  • 43,372 wired outlets and 88,082 network ports
  • 7,554 wireless access points
  • 16,102 phone lines
  • 37,211 campus operator calls received.
  • 50,000+ software downloads
  • 215 training sessions conducted, serving 4,813 enrollees (excludes custom classes).
  • 2,500 phone calls per month were received by the NC State Help Desk Call Center; more than 43,500 incidents were resolved over the past year.
  • 184,247 ServiceNow incidents and 664 ServiceNow requests were logged from 267 assignment groups throughout campus.
  • 3.16 million unique page views on the OIT multisite network sites
  • 59 Web Design Services contracts with 56 unique departments
  • 52,358 active Go Links
  • 3,404 software licensing support tickets resolved.
  • 118 eStores managed involving 40,000 transactions and over $9 million in revenue.
  • 120,000 registrations in more than 4,000 class sections were managed in REPORTER, involving $4 million in course payments and fees.
  • 26,000 reservations across 30 labs in four facilities managed via the new Lab Management System, resulting in over $2.8 million in revenue.
  • 35 departments implemented ShareBase to securely upload documents with sensitive information; more than 4,000 documents were uploaded or shared. 
  • 709,043 new documents were scanned or imported into the OnBase Document Management System. About 12,100,913 documents are now managed within OnBase.
  • 111,326 vendor payments were processed, totaling more than $627 million and including more than $321 million in purchases of goods and services. Approximately 65,217 student refunds were processed, totaling more than $125 million. Total payments processed encompassed more than $750 million.
  • ~$33 million of non-student billing managed.
  • $974 million million in payroll costs was managed across approximately 8,000 funding sources for 28,000 employees; about 3.5 million time punches were processed.
  • 18,000 hire/rehire actions and 45,000 benefit enrollments were processed; about 28,000 W-2s were generated.
  • 3,000+ enterprise application migrations
  • 120 managed databases


  • 1,774 campus users assisted after their accounts were compromised.
  • 408 applications requested for InCommon Certificates, which validate the security of websites.
  • 18,433 ServiceNow tickets requested Security and Compliance assistance in support of security services including scanning, Tripwire and Splunk.
  • More than 265 ServiceNow tickets required Security and Compliance assistance related to IT exceptions, implementation plans, EPS attestation questions, and privacy-related requests, such as data deletes, research security requests, and other data security questions.
  • 7,564 out of 29,267 total assets in Nexpose were scanned for vulnerabilities.
  • 207 third-party vendor assessment reviews were associated with the IT Purchase Compliance process with an average time of 19.84 days to close tickets.
  • 254 additional clickwrap agreements were reviewed for risks.
  • 322,196 electronic identities were managed for the university community students, employees and guest/affiliates/privileged accounts with 29,000+ new accounts added this year.
  • 5,000+ authorization requests and updates for enterprise systems processed using the Security Access Request (SAR) system.
  • 5,300 password update requests processed monthly for 188,300 active accounts.
  • 106,783 password update requests were processed.
  • 729,061 role/access group assignments managed.


  • 137 people enrolled in the “Accessibility in the Classroom” course.
  • 108,466 web pages were assessed for accessibility by 59 people using Pope Tech.
  • 46 captioning grants were awarded.
  • 108 information and communication technology products were reviewed for accessibility as part of the IT Purchase Compliance process.
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