Secure Mandate

This fiscal year, NC State made it clear that cybersecurity is a leading priority for all employees in the Wolfpack community.

NC State launched its first mandatory Data Security training on Feb. 4 to better protect the university and its data. As of June 11, more than 78% of 23,343 employees completed the 20-minute training module and a five-question assessment. Approximately 19% of employees are out of compliance; a large number of those are student employees and no-pay employees, including retirees.

Developed by OIT and campus affiliates, the online Data Security Training module focuses on cybersecurity awareness topics critical to the university, including phishing, two-factor authentication (2FA) and mobile device security. The module is one of many IT resources that can help reduce human error — the leading cause of compromised systems.

In addition to the online training module, the OIT Training team conducted custom-training sessions for employees who were non-native speakers of English as well as those who did not have access to computers to complete the training. 

OIT hosted the training module in the Moodle learning management software and used REPORTER to register employees and to track their participation. Employees are required to complete cybersecurity training annually. 

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